Road trip to the GPS Adventures Maze Exhibit


  Road trip to the GPS Adventures Maze Exhibit - Wildlife Experience GC42F2J

     On Saturday April 13 2013 we set out from Salt Lake City, UT on a trip to Parker, CO. Our mission was simple, we wanted to see the GPS Adventures Maze Exhibit - Wildlife Experience GC42F2J. I love collecting different icons for my geocaching profile, and this is one I did not have. We were not even an hour on the road and we hit a nice rain storm going through the canyon towards Wyoming. About 100 miles later that rain decided to turn into snow. For anyone who has driven the I-80 across WY you know the snow is crazy out there. There were times I was driving 25 mph on the freeway and was worried we were going to slide off. But I was also not going to let a little snow stop me from seeing this maze. We decided to stop for the night in Cheyenne,WY since the drive was taking a bit longer than expected.20130413_222133 After letting the boys swim for a bit at the motel and resting ourselves we had the Idea to hurry and drive to Nebraska to find a few caches. This was also a state that we had not found a cache in yet. We made it to Nebraska about 11pm in the pouring rain and found Welcome to Nebraska GC1MBEK and McToys I found in my Other Caches GCN3GB Just to make sure we had a find in the state. We think the extra 100 miles of driving was way worth having another state on the map. On Sunday morning we woke up and found a few caches in Cheyenne, WY then and hit the road towards Denver, CO. About an hour into our drive we saw a great sight that caught both our eyes. The Budweiser plant in Fort Collins, CO.

This was a great pit stop for all of us. They offer a tour and you can see the stables for the Clydesdale horses. They also offer two free 11 ounce samples of tasty beverages. They boys got root beer and pretzels. Darcey and I both enjoyed a few cold brews from the taps then we went on a little self guided tour.20130414_120353
I must suggest to anyone who is in the area stop by and check this place out. There are also a few caches to find in the area. I would  suggest looking for Mountain Vista 15 GC2K8NT the cache is only a few hundred feet from the parking lot and is a fun tricky hide. I almost gave up until reading the logs about how tricky it was.
After that awesome pit stop we hit the road again. About an hour later we arrived at the GPS Adventures Maze Exhibit - Wildlife Experience GC42F2J.  
This was by far one of the most fun filled family trips we have taken so far. After the adventure maze we met up with a few great people from the Rocky Mountain DGS for dinner. We had a great time exchanging stories, discovering trackables and just shooting the breeze. We will do a post in the future about meeting these awesome folks and another about our visit to the maze. Thanks for reading LIVELOVECACHE.COM. Here are a few more pictures from the trip if you would like to take a look.

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Happy Caching!
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