YES IT IS TRUE…Groundspeak has introduced a new cache type called a T.I.N.Y

“Just when I think Groundspeak can’t get any stupider, they go and REDEEM themselves with a wonderful new cache type, T.I.N.Y..” (Quote adapted from Dumb and Dumber)
If you missed the video of the new cache type I will include it at the end of my post. I am too excited to share our first few T.I.N.Y. caches with you. I have been working all morning!
I have enlarged the photos so you don’t have to use a magnifying glass to see. Normally T.I.N.Y. caches take special eyesight enhancing equipment!
First cache is called “The DIRTy Truth”–Hint: Mike Rowe would call this a DIRTy find!
Second Cache is called “Don’t Break your Mammas’ Back”- Hint:Where the sidewalk CRACKS
I HOPE These get published today! Can’t wait to read the logs! I also hope this has encouraged you all to hide your own T.I.N.Y caches. This new category makes a Mr. Magnito look like a 5 gallon bucket! I am happy Groundspeak finally listened to us and promoted a cache size that we will like way better than a dumb ammo can size hide! Thanks Groundspeak!
Here is the video link: Warning: The song is kinda catchy!
Even Ants will like this size!
Happy Caching…things happening this week….101 Devil Caches book contest revealed and new event positing by livelovecache.com!
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