I Suck at Geocaching (ISAG)


     Our official membership cards arrived. Balkamper13 and I found a wonderful surprise in our stack of mail…our membership cards to ISAG! Thank you so much to Gummybayer!

     For those of you not familiar with ISAG, it is a group of 309 cachers that share their DNF experiences with other I Suck At Geocaching members on Facebook. We received and invite from Railroader921 and we are glad we did. We had a blast reading about other cachers and their DNF tales. We were sold on a group that admits caching defeats. Too often people won’t log a DNF. This group not only encourages it, they celebrate your DNF count. They even share a link to help you find your DNF ratio http://www.geocaching.com/my/logs.aspx?s=1&lt=3


The above picture is the back side of the ISAG membership card, it sums up the ISAG group…”No Longer in Denial".”


Thanks again to Gummybayer, this was such a nice surprise. We encourage you all to check out ISAG it is a fun group.

We are sorry we have been sucking at posting, we have so much to catch you up on….we have a list of posts we need to get to and I am working on some now. Everything from our acceptance into the Dirtbag Geocaching Society, caching trip to the GPS Adventure Maze Exhibit, upcoming event GEOCACHING POKER RUN AND WHITE ELEPHANT PARTY and 101 Devil Caches Book review and giveaway! Keep following us and we will try to not suck as bad with our posts, we spent more time caching and doing caching things than posting, now we will be playing catch up, it is worth it because of your great comments and following!

Happy Caching!

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