Great birthday gift from my brother.


Great birthday gift from my brother.

On Saturday April 13th I celebrated my birthday with my sweetheart and our boys. We took a trip to Denver,CO (this story will come in a later post). On our way home we stopped in Green River, WY to say hello to my big brother Paul aka ISME1922. He is the guy in who writes the awesome blog I must say he surprised me with one hell of a birthday gift. A nice hollowed out log geocache.



This cache is freaking awesome. I can tell it took him hours of hard work to put this HOLY SWEET CACHE together. Inside the log was two sets of AA batteries (for the gps) and some Clorox handy wipes. What a great gift from a killer brother. I am a little scared to hide this bad boy because its so cool. He has also taken the time to put strong magnets on the lid part of log to hold it all together.  I think we will be waiting until we move to hide this one in hopes it will e our new front yard cache. I want to send a big thanks out to everyone for the great great birthday wishes.



20130417_155503Sorry about the lapse between posts with all the fun stuff we have been doing this month we have not had much time to get it posted. We will be getting some more stories up soon.

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