Dirtbag Geocaching Society Membership Attempt

     Balkamper13 & I first heard of the Dirtbag Geocaching Society when Ted was in the running for Geocacher of the month. This group voted for Ted and they were so nice. We then looked into them more. As a result and we have made some great Dirtbag friends and like what they do. They are ANTI-MICRO and into creative hides. We love this. We also love their creative pictures and events oh and did I mention, they have lots of cool members. After all of these reasons we decided we want to be a part of this cool society.  This is exactly what we like! We were curious how to get into the DGS so I asked DGC Cacher via Facebook and below is the reply:
In regards to your Dirtbag Geocaching Society membership inquiry:
We are a Geocaching group with chapters across the country and members all over the world. Most geocachers join us because they have grown tired of the normal way of geocaching and are in search of some excitement while on the trail.
-Membership usually includes the following:

You are encouraged to hide a geocache(no Micros) with the title having the prefix of "DGS: ". There should be an unusual twist to solving the cache or opening the container. The area of groundzero should also have somewhat of a WOW factor. Shoot a funny short video to go with it and upload it to youtube when the cache is published. The video can be about making fun of another geocacher, music video spoof or whatever. The funnier the video, the more it will be accepted by the other DGS members. Have fun with it and show us what you got. We want to be impressed by you. Let's do this!”
                                       We want to be like this guy!dgs2
We are hoping to be accepted with one of our additions to our Cache Scene Investigator series. DGS CSI#12 HEADing to a MICRO. This cache was published on 3/22/2013. We usually have a huge FTF race on CSI series caches but due to the damn snow and time of night it was published, the FTF didn’t happen until 14 hours after publishing. That is the longest time a CSI cache has sat unfound. Once it was found, the cachers have loved it. Watch our video and see if you like it.
Thanks for watching, would love to see your opinion of the cache. I think it would be hilarious if a muggle was walking in the area and found a microwave with a head in it. Would love to see that. We will let you know if we are accepted. If not we will try again!
Happy Caching!
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