Contest suited for a Cacher

$3000 up for grabs. What would you spend $3000 on? A caching adventure, a new GPS, materials for an awesome cache or prospecting equipment? has teamed up with The Weather Channel to bring us Prospectors. Enter today and every day until March 26 for a chance at $3000 in cold hard Cash, not Cache. In order to enter you have to find the gems hidden on your chance to win $3,000 is as easy as a few clicks away! Each day on the Prospectors Facebook Page you will find a daily clue to help you find the hidden gem and enter the Find the Gem Sweepstakes. I watched the trailer and we are planning on checking this new show out. Balkamper13 has dabbled in gold panning and this looks just as exciting.
Happy Caching, good luck we would like to see a geocacher win. We are heading to Camp Floyd tomorrow for an event we hope the snow goes away. Will keep you posted.
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