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New LootCache is a GO PRO

Have you attended a Geocaching Event yet? 

We usually don’t have a reason to celebrate July 7th, but this year we do. With the possibility of finding the GO PRO Lootcache, winning a Personalized Geocaching Tile with easle and earning your Meet Your Road Trip Crew souvenir; Hello July 7th! We will first talk Souviner, LiveLoveCache.com Contest then for the Grand Finale,  we have a guest blogger from LootCache.

Meet Your Road Trip Crew

This one requires you to attend a geocaching event.  Are you one of the 10,682 Geocachers have earned this souvenir so far? This Souvenir is started on July 3rd and goes until September 2.

If LiveLoveCache wins one of the Element14 Geocaching Raspberry Pi 2 GPS Project Kit  we will be hosting an event to build our GPS. Stay tuned, winners announced on the 17th.


ENTER TODAY…Don’t forget to share any LiveLoveCache post, and then let us know in a blog post or Facebook post. We are also adding one more way to enter, goto the LootCache Facebook page and like it and you will earn another entry. You must let us know about your means of entry.  One lucky winner will win a personalized Geocaching Makes My Heart Beat Tile with Easel. Your caching name will be inserted on a 6x6 Caching tile.

Geocachers are always looking for adventure,  adventure is waiting for you, go LOOTCACHE. We are pleased to introduce the creator of Lootcache
Grant Gilbert is a 29 year old Foodie and Avid Adventurer from Traverse City, Mi. He moved to Utah in 2008 to attend BYU and fell in love with the Mountains. Some of his favorite hobbies include Alpine Mountaineering, Ice climbing, Hiking, and anything to do with or on the water. And for no apparent reason he’s single.

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Three Million Dollars in Hidden Treasure, 
Forrest Fenn 

     First. What is #Lootcache? It’s like Geocahing right?

#Lootcache is a project designed to share the spirit of adventure and motivate people to explore beautiful and unique places. We do this by hiding free prizes “Loot” and publishing a series of clues to help people find them. The prizes can be anything from great gear to cool electronics. Currently as I am writing this there is a Go-Pro camera hidden in a very beautiful spot in Utah, just waiting to be found! 
But no GPS coordinates, sorry geocachers.

Ok, very cool, now you mentioned Three million dollars?
     Ah yes, the Fenn Treasure is what gave me the idea for #Lootcache. Forrest Fenn in a collector and author who, when he had cancer, had the idea to hide a bronze chest filled with treasure somewhere in the Rockies. His memoir “The Thrill of the Chase” contained a poem will clues to the location of the treasure. Over the years millions of people have gone searching for the Fenn treasure. I certainly would like to go look for it sometime.

     So when I heard about all the people that were inspired by Fenn to go out and adventure I decided I would love to do the same thing. With every #Lootcache we have done, more and more people are getting outside and exploring beautiful and amazing placed. The real prize I feel is the experience, but for the winners the Loot is pretty nice too.

     So far all of the prizes have been out of my own pocket plus a donation of a Chrome Cast (our first prize) by my best friend who’s helping me out on the project. As more people get into #Lootcache my hope is to get business sponsorships so the prizes can be even Bigger and Better. The better the Loot the more people that go out looking for it, which is my goal. I would like to eventually have Lootcaches hidden across the country and around the world. Someday there will be a Million Dollar Loot, and YOU might just find it!!!

Currently you can follow #Lootcache on their website, Facebook, and on Instagram:
- Website (where people can register to get Loot Clues e-mailed to them)
-Facebook page (where we update people on current and upcoming Loots)
-Instagram account (where extra clues are given though pictures, plus just really beautiful pictures). Instagram: @Grant.Lootcache

“The world is a beautiful, diverse, and wondrous place to explore. Get out there and Loot it!”
-Grant Gilbert, Cacher of Loots and founder of #Lootcache

Thanks for reading, our next guest blogger is a cacher that is in it for the adventure and does a lot traveling for a SmileThumbs up(y).

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