Troop 1910 Earning a Boy Scout 
Geocaching Merit Badge
Geocachers are some of the most helpful people I have ever met. Whenever I need a hand I can rely on a fellow cacher to offer help, regardless of the situation. Even if I am moving alone while Balkamper13 is working, with no help, or truck in a SNOWSTORM.  Goatter, Thanks again for that one! 
     Besides giving a helping hand, there are many cachers that offer much more. They give their hearts, time, patients, skills and love to others. I had the honor of seeing these traits and more in action this evening while assisting Troop 1910 earn their Geocaching merit badges. Lead by a seasoned cacher, David Lyon and a co-troop Leader. 
     Troop 1910 is no ordinary boy scout troop. This troop is composed of 6 boys with Autism, each Scout is unique in their own level of function. With high desires to advance and dedication these scouts are setting a new standard. 
     These troops are mostly from the same area and around the same age. They each have a role in the troop and lead meetings like champions. I have to admit, I had a misty eye when the troop presented the flag and everyone echoed the Pledge of Allegiance. It really made me proud to be an American! 

      This  remarkable troop was started in August of 2014 and is the first of it's kind. In some cases, David and his Co-Leader leader work with the boys alongside of their home troop and in a few cases some boys belong only to Troop 1910. David mentioned other troops similar to this troop beginning around the state. The amount of dedication these leaders have to this Troop is commendable and they really do change lives. 

Maureen of Lv2wjChris Geertsen and Myself, Cacheseekers! were honored to help David Lyon set up mock caches and share some geocaching knowledge of waypoints, GPS units and tips. The Troop was so eager to learn and even taught us a few things. 

     This Troop made my whole week and made me stop and think about all of the possibilities we have as a geocaching community to make a difference



Thank you David, co-leader and troop 1910 for sharing in your achievements tonight! I was the one learning for you! 
Keep earning, learning and "being hungry" 
     Readers, don't forget the new Souvenir was released today for the Geocaching Roadtrip15 passport. This souvenir requires us to obtain a 5/5 cache. 

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