Enjoying our day showing some friends about geocaching.


     On fathers day this year we decided that grabbing a few caches sounded like fun. A few of our friends have wanted to find out more about the game and wanted to come along. We started the day off around lunch time and decided to treat them out to one of our favorite places in Sandy, UT called the Phillidelphian. This little hole in the wall place has some of the best food around but often gets overlooked because of its looks. We have a cache placed around the backside of the building and decided it would be a great first find for our friends after lunch. The cache is called Day 23 Sasquath wants a Phillie.(link) If your in the area you should find the cache and grab a bite guaranteed you will enjoy both of the stops.


    After filling our geocaching tanks and logging the Pidgeoncoops first cache we moved on to a few more hides in the area. Our next find was a boy scout cache placement to help get their geocaching merit badge. Boy Scout Troop 411 The cache was full of all sorts of fun swag that the kids loved. We traded a few toys left our signature items and a few pathtags for the next people to find.

The next cache on our find list was one that both cacheseekers! and myself knew was going to be a great hide. The letterbox style geocache was placed by on of our great friends Ryshkepr. For those of you that have followed our blog you have heard of this guy before. He places some of the most creative, best hides in the area. 

      GC5BHGA The Letterbox was a excellent pick for showing new cachers what a geocache should be like. Its combination of a great little hiding spot, fun swag, and larger size to trade items in made this a fun find for all of us. Not to mention it also had enough favorite points on it so we all earned our 15 years icon for making the find. If you don't know about the 15 years souvenir icons you can check out the post on the LIVELOVECACHE.COM geocaching blog or on http://www.geocaching.com/blog/.

     After the letterbox we went and found a few more fun hides. We showed the newbies a few different types of geocaches including micros. The told us that they also like finding the larger sized ones alot more than the little ones. We told them that as part of our dirtbag geocaching society that we are not allowed to hide micros. As a part of the dirtbag oath all the DGS hides must be able to hold at least 2 d cell batteries which makes enough room in the geocache to leave some swag items. They seemed to like that idea and said if all cachers lived by that rule that they think the game would be much more fun. We agree but there will always be those people who have to hide them little buggers.

     Our last cache of the day was a premium member only cache called. International TB Hostel GC5F7Y3. it was located in someones front yard. I picked this one to find because I wanted to show them trackables and also let the see how they could hide one in there yard and disguise it so some muggles wouldn't know it was there. The hint on this one was sprinkler box. They tricked us by actually hiding it in a hole next to the sprinkler box and making a neat camo cover. I almost left after looking in the box because i wasn't sure if we were in the right place. Mellissa from the pidgeoncoop clan made the find like a pro showing us that she had learned a bunch on her first day. 
      We all had so much fun getting out and enjoying our fathers day and hope that you all did too. Thank you all again for reading our geocaching blog. We hope you enjoy it. Keep checking back for new posts coming very soon including a new contest/giveaway. 
     We hope you had a great Father's Day, Father's are so important in our community. Please share your Father's day stories.

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