Pre post for GeoCoinFest 2013

coinfest 128coinfest 127coinfest 126

Yes this all just happened. We are home and settled in and need to start at the beginning. For those of you that love a good road trip like we do, here is your post.

The day finally arrived to leave, we put our magnet on the car and we were off.

coinfest 001

Dirtbags on way to VEGAS….

we then arrived to the Pre Event..coinfest 004coinfest 002 - Copycoinfest 003coinfest 005 - Copycoinfest 006 - Copycoinfest 007 - Copycoinfest 009

This fun was just the beginning….wow….after this we went to Freemont Street. We took our dear friend Sean the Survivor. He couldn’t make the trip so we took him with us. This Album is to Survivor Sean


Some people think they would not make a life size cut out of themselves….I know I would after that night…everyone thought he was a Duck Dynasty Guy….sorry he is just our friend that happens to be a Dirtbag! Ok after all of that fun…you have to wait for more of Mega event, let’s just say I almost won GeoCoin Poker…More to come.

HUGE REMINDER… just a few days we are creating our own fun….Wendover or BUST. We hope to see you on our event on wheels. Please come see us.

Lots of love and will see you all on the bus, the rest of the event will be better, including the Dirtbag story.

Happy Caching!

Darcey & Ted

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