FTF bug and contest reminder.



With winter on the horizon, we have been trying to get our FTF fix before it’s too cold. I know you are all waiting on the Wendover or BUSt event post. I am working on it but I must admit I have been spending my logging time chasing the FTF’s.  Hopefully will be finished today!

So it started on 10/21/2013 when my e-mail notification beeped and we were within a mile of a new cache called Utah's Biggest Cat House. We were not sure what to expect however we were pleasantly surprised with the great favorite point worthy cache by rdyklwt. He did a fantastic job and included my favorite cache traits,  good location that went with the name, Super SWAG that matched the name as well as a great container. All of the details were covered.


Another thing we love about a FTF is the “FTF event.” Often times you will run into other cachers and the encounters are worth the traffic laws that were broken on the way to Ground Zero. We were met by HaloCure, she is one of our Favorites! Pictured below.ftf10214

After using my blogging time to cache, I was planning on blogging no matter what on 10/22/2013…..that is until my notification alerted me to another FTF within 4 miles of my location. SO…day 2 of FTF happened instead of a blog post.

Small SWAG Trading Post by Tntsnow listed and we were off. I love it when the kids encourage me to go for it. Our 5 yr. old was alseep in the back seat and the 13 yr. old (McAwesome) navigated the way. We raced to GZ and when we arrived we noticed another person in the park so naturally we started running to the cache. We located it quickly and let out a victory cheer when we realized the log was blank. Another Favorite point worthy cache.


Don’t forget there is still time to enter the 30,000 page views contest… [30000%255B7%255D.jpg]

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