Holy Sweet Cache

Shipwrecked!                                       GCK4GB

     This holy sweet cache is actually one that we had to log a DNF on but the location of it was worth the look. Shipwrecked! GCK4GB is located on Lopez Island, Washington. There are a few ways you can get to ground zero. You can walk from the parking area and its a great .25 mile walk or you could take a boat or kayak ride in. We took the walking route and found a few other great caches along the way. Here's a few links to them.

   Once you get to the coordinates you find yourself surrounded the sight of five weathered broken beached boats. It makes your mind wonder how did all these get here. I'm thinking it was a large storm and the damage was too great for them to be salvaged. Darcey and myself had a blast climbing round all the pieces and looking for the hide. 

One of the wrecks was a very old looking barge type of boat. It looked like they just fastened a bunch of big driftwood logs together for the bottom. That one made me think of all the old cartoons where the characters would fasten trees together to get off the island. Even though we were unable to make the find on the cache we had to share it. The owner has replaced the hide since we logged our DNF and we cant wait to go back and get the smiley. If you get a chance to go geocaching on these islands this is one that I would recommend searching for. 

    Along the walk out to the cache you go through some cool wetlands that have all kinds of wildlife. We saw countless types of birds and even a few bald eagles. After passing the wetlands you have to walk a little ways along the beach area. We had fun looking for little white egglet rocks, and shells. 

Moral of this adventure is, GO CACHE the San Juan Islands in Washington.

So how is everyone doing on SOUVENIRS?
July 31-Sept 2nd
The geocaching game board, aka the Earth, is pretty awesome. Learn about it by finding an EarthCache or clean it up by attending a CITO event beginning July 31 to earn this souvenir.
So, We are slacking only have the First one, need to step it up on have until the 2nd of next month, good luck to you all, Thanks for reading! 

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