24,694 GEOCACHERS HAVE EARNED THe Road Trip Hero SOUVENIR SO FAR, We are not one of them. Thanks to Pip-Boy3000 we were able to earn...

Events and  One SOUVENIR closer...             when We check our progress, we still need 

LET’S GET EXTREME!  (level 5 in DIFFICULTY or 5 terrain cache) way easier than a 5/5)

HIGH-FIVE FOR THE EARTH (finding an EarthCache or clean it up by attending a CITO event)  

PUT ON YOUR THINKING CAP(finding a Mystery Cache) 

yes...we are behind. It's due to this need for Souviners that we are thankful for the Event on Wed 8/19/2015, at a local coffee house. 

Get a Fix GC5WGFG

 Pip-Boy3000 Hosts a monthly event at the coffee house and he nailed the meaning of get-a-fix on his event page.
"Geocache Description:


  1. (idiomatic) To obtain something necessary, especially a dose of an addictive drug or anything else compulsively sought after.
This was our first event in ages. It's amazing, no matter how long we are away, our Geocaching friends are like family (Not the crazy Aunt type, the good type)
Nice Full Log and Caching Prizes
There were over 30 attendees as well as a couple from out of state, a few first time event attendees and the oldies. 
Pip-Boy3000 enticed cachers with an announcement before the event...
 "ALL I was given another Founders TB by Brian Roth at the HQ Block Party. Since he gave me one at my PI Day event I'm going to put his one up as a drawing prize for those in attendance at this event. I will draw the name @ 7:30 pm."
 The lucky winner was Mtd1965

This event also featured some great Travel Bugs from the Block Party. It was so nice, someone typed up a list of the numbers so we got to spend more time enjoying the bugs, instead of frantically writing them down or snapping pictures of them. 

I love event caches, they are probably my most favorite kind. We challenge you to hold an event. It doesn't have to be fancy to bring great people together! Thanks Pip-Boy3000

If you are already a Road Trip Hero, CONGRATS! IF NOT...12 more days...

Next time we post, we are hoping to have a souvenir instead of below....


Become the ultimate road trip champion by earning all five of the other souvenirs.

Happy Caching, thanks for reading! 
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