Hello everyone. Well as most of you know Geocaching is having its 15th birthday this year. To kick off the fun stuff they are doing for the celebration they are offering a souvenir icon just for finding a cache. There is one little stipulation. THE GEOCACHE YOU FIND MUST HAVE AT LEAST 10 FAVORITE POINTS IN ORDER TO RECEIVE THE SOUVENIR ICON. We here at livelovecache.com love new icons so finding a 10 favorite point cache is a must. We pulled up some of the local caches that meet the criteria the closest one that is not our own hide is 3.5 miles away and we have found it. So we did a little more research and found one around 10 miles from home that will let us get this fun new icon. Here is what it looks like.

If you have not got this yet you should get out and grab it before your opportunity is gone. I believe you have until 8/2/15 to find a 10 favorite point cache and get it. For more information on this and some future stuff they are doing for the 15 years check out this link.
Thank you for visiting our blog more stuff to come soon. 
Ted & Darcey livelovecache.com
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