Would you watch a Geocaching TV SHOW?

     Ted and I have often wondered why there is not a TV series about Geocaching. There are so many TV series that are dedicated to useless professions, hobbies and people. A series about Geocaching would be a refreshing option to the other selections on TV.  It looks like someone else had the same thoughts, Geo Crashers.  “Geocrashers” are the most extreme form of geocachers. They will go anywhere and do anything in pursuit of their target.
     When we decided to go on the FTF Tours Geocaching Cruise we were connected with one of the Be FTF guys and found out they are working on this awesome Ideal.  In the daytime, he is actually a film & television producer, and we've been working on an extreme geocaching travel show. They have a network thinking about picking up the show, but they want a pilot to see if it will work, and they won't pay for it. That is where we come in, we are trying to help by asking everyone in the geocaching community to help make their goal so they can shoot the pilot and get the show on the air.
SHOW CONCEPT: Our team will hunt down some of the most remote and dangerous geocaches in the world. Along the way, they'll learn about history, science and culture.

ABOUT US: We're a group of film and television pros who also happen to be hardcore geocachers.

WHY KICKSTARTER?: After pitching the idea for this show around Hollywood for a couple years, we've finally received some real network interest. (Seems they're interested in reaching the multi-million strong geocaching community after all.) However, they're not certain of its market appeal enough to fund a pilot. That's why we're coming to you. We need to shoot a pilot in order to get the network execs to make the show.  If any of you can help you can be a backer of this project for as little as $1. Just click on this Geocrashers Kickstarter link and you can get more details and help be a part of bringing a Geocaching show to TV. We are proud backers and hope you will be as well so this series can be made.

  Thanks…we are getting ready to leave for a huge caching trip including caching in Canada, The Original Stash, Groundspeak and many more, can’t wait to blog about it!


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