Geocaching Road Trip is FINALLY Here

     We have been planning and waiting for over a year for this Geocaching road trip. We are heading to The Original Stash, Groundspeak, Canada and many more. My daughter is Graduating so we have been preparing for this celebration. I don’t know about you but the one thing that makes our celebrations better is, geocaching!
      Nails are done…Calling cards are ready to leave in caches and SWAG is done! Still packing and will be up until we leave.
      We have been making geocaching stones and SWAG for weeks. It all came together today and we are ready to get our hard work into some out of state and out of country caches.
      We will keep you posted and can’t wait to find some Holy Sweet Caches and explore new areas. We are leaving tomorrow after work so will be on the road most of night. SO Excited…..
Happy Caching!
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