Celebrate this Independence Day with...WINNING!

Thanks to everyone whom entered our comment contest. The contest to win our personal Extag has come to an end and the winners have been randomly selected. Please return message with your address so we can get your shiny new Balkamper13 & Cacheseekers! Extag in the mail ASAP.

Patricia Goldsmith

Joshua White

Jeff S.

Jennifer Dawson

Pete Irwin


Sharon Wenz

Shannon Wolf

Elaine Roy Thibault

Congrats, to everyone whom entered, you are all winning at life, you are Geocachers. 
Stay tuned there will be many more contests.

During this contest we had a lot of interest in our tags and who produced them, stay tuned the next post will be on EXTAGZ and info on how you can make your own and/or join the group coin "Trolls." Happy 4th of July! 

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